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Employment Opportunities

Portland Cremation Center and Mortuary Services

Removal Technician: As a Removal Technician you are responsible for taking the deceased into our care for the Funeral Homes that we represent. You must be able to lift in excess of 100 lbs, and available for twelve-hour shifts.

This is an excellent entry-level position for those looking to enter the funeral profession .

Portland Cremation Center offers:

  • Matching Simple IRA
  • Monthly Profit Sharing
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Medical/Prescription & AFLAC
  • Paid Personal Leave
  • Shirts & Jacket.
    You are expected to provide approved black pants & belt, as well as black closed toe shoes


  • Clean Driving Record/Submit a DMV Driver Report - No more than two tickets or accidents in three years
  • Able to Pass a Drug Test
  • Able to pass Background Check (Virtus Group Investigations)
  • Able to Write Legibly
  • Minimum age 21 

Hair & Body Art Policy::

  • All facial piercings (including gauges) are to be taken out, or nude colored jewelry can be used. Tongue rings, nose rings, & eye brown rings must be removed while working.
  • Ear piercings are limited to one.
  • Facial hair, i.e. beards, mustaches, & goatees need to be neatly trimmed. Long hair needs to be well kept.
  • Hair color is to be one mainstream color.
  • No offensive visible tattoos.
  • No face tattoos.
  • Jewelry and accessories must be inoffensive, business like & modest. Items with religious or cultural symbols or significance must be avoided out of respect for the diverse cultural and religious groups of people we serve.
  • Sunglasses must never be worn when dealing with families & clients.

1-year Service Pin
Working first calls and performing cremations can be demanding both physically, and emotionally.  To celebrate those who have served a year, we award 1 Year Pins to mark this service achievement.

Please E-mail your resume to info@PortlandMortuaryServices.com.
We will contact prospective applicants to fill out an application within six weeks.  If you are not contacted within six weeks you have not been selected for the application process at this time.  You may resubmit your resume every six weeks for consideration.

For information on the Funeral Service Education program at Mt. Hood Community College, click here.

Portland Cremation Center, LLC, & Mortuary Services
17819 NE Riverside Parkway, Suite A,
Portland, Oregon 97230-7377

Phone: 503 665-4200
Toll free at 866 665-4202
Fax: 503 665-4220
E-mail: info@portlandmortuaryservices.com


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