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Pet Cremation and Memorials - Portland Metro Area and SW Washington

PCC recommends either Family Animal Services in Portland, or Peaceful Paws in Vancouver, WA.

Family Animal Services or Peaceful Paws will return the cremated remains in a memorial package, that is personalized for the family and the pet.

The package includes a wood urn with name plate, a signed and dated "Certificate of Cremation," Rainbow Bridge poem & wristband, additional memorial poems, a grief support pamphlet, and a personalized sympathy card keepsake from Peaceful Paws.

They also clip fur and take an ink paw print, which they keep on file. They are also able to do a clay print for the family at an additional charge.

These services could definitely increase traffic into your funeral home, building future clientele that have trusted you with the care of their pet in the past.

Peaceful Paws Cremation
6303 E. 18th St., Ste. B
Vancouver, WA
(360) 213-0323

Family Animal Services
17819 NE Riverside Pkwy., Suite B
Portland, OR 97230

Portland Cremation Center, LLC, & Mortuary Services
17819 NE Riverside Parkway, Suite A,
Portland, Oregon 97230-7377

Phone: 503 665-4200, or toll free at 877-812-1900
Fax: 503 665-4220

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