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Apprenticeship Opportunities

Portland Cremation Center and Mortuary Services

PCC is proud to offer an Embalming & Funeral Service Apprenticeship. Preference is given to Applicants already working at PCC. Applicants with six months of prior Funeral Home experience will also be considered. The Apprenticeship focuses on completing & filling Death Certificates as well as performing embalming's and working services as a funeral coach driver under a licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer. The work schedule is Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. & on call on the weekends for embalming's and working services. The Apprenticeship pays an annual salary of $20,280.00 annually ($23,400.00 after July 1, 2017). The Apprenticeship runs from January - December. Apprenticeships must be served within twelve months and may be served simultaneously. The Apprenticeship is conducive upon Oregon Mortuary & Cemetery Approval.http://www.oregon.gov/MortCem/Documents/general_overview.pdf

Please E-mail your resume to info@PortlandMortuaryServices.com.

Apprentices must meet PCC Employment Requirements - click here for employment information.


Portland Cremation Center, LLC, & Mortuary Services
17819 NE Riverside Parkway, Suite A,
Portland, Oregon 97230-7377

Phone: 503 665-4200
Toll free at 866 665-4202
Fax: 503 665-4220
E-mail: info@portlandmortuaryservices.com


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